Roller Shades

Enhance Your Home With Roller Shades

Upgrade to a new window covering that blends appearance, performance, and price when you shop at Lessler’s Draperies & Design, Inc. Our selection of options for roller shades in San Diego, CA, includes products made from the top materials on the market today. We proudly create custom roller shades that are perfect for everything from a single room to the entire house. Visit us today to choose the details of your new design.

Stunning Custom Roller Shades for Your Space

Are you tired of the same old residential window treatments in your home or business? Unlike a traditional window shade, which typically operates using a cord system, a roller shade utilizes a rolling mechanism. The cloth or vinyl of the shade attaches to the top and bottom bar, effectively filtering light and creating privacy in the lowered position.

Investing in roller shades offers several aesthetic and practical benefits. Not only do these stunning fixtures enhance interior design and décor, but they also deliver improved energy efficiency and cooler room temperatures. Our eco-friendly roller shades are a cost-effective and stylish option for your space regardless of your window treatment needs or expectations. We offer the roller shades San Diego, CA residents depend on!

Upgrade Every Room with Eco-Friendly Roller Shades

Shop our rolling shades and choose from a wide range of options. The shade possibilities are endless, from fabrics and colors to size and rolling direction. Our custom roller shades are made to fit any customer’s specifications. Everyone’s homes and their windows are unique, so our roller shades are fully customizable. We are committed to the quality of our products, as well as our service.

One of the most practical benefits of a custom shade is that you can decide the exact level of privacy and light you desire. You are free to mix and match your new shades to create the ideal setup from room to room.

We offer all of the following popular light-filtering options to add the perfect finishing touch to your roller shades:

  • Black-out
  • Semi-opaque
  • Semi-sheer
  • Sheer