It’s determined by the opacity of the fabric and the light conditions. Most window coverings in San Diego, CA that are solar screens will give you daytime privacy when there is more light inside than outside people are able to see in.

Since window coverings in San Diego, CA are generally used to either cover a window to manage sunlight, provide additional weatherproofing, ensure privacy or security, or for purely aesthetic purposes, according to Mordor Intelligence, our ability to guide our customers to the best window covering for their needs, sets us apart from the competition. This helps our customers save time and determine the best products for their needs.

We offer blinds, shades, draperies, valances, cornices, exterior window treatments, shutters, motorization, and roller shades in San Diego, CA.

All our window coverings in San Diego, CA are covered by the manufacturer warranty and an additional 1-year warranty from us for all installations.

Take pictures of the window coverings and measurements (width by height in inches). We will need this to size your new window coverings in San Diego, CA.

It’s easier to see through a darker color of window coverings in San Diego, CA because the darker colors cut more glare and are easier to see through.

The lighter the color of your window coverings in San Diego, CA, the more it reduces heat gain because it reflects more light. We do have some special fabrics that allow you to use darker colors and still reduce heat gain.

No, they actually break less because they always raise and lower the same way. Whereas manual window coverings in San Diego, CA tend to break more because of how they are operated by different users.

Motorized window coverings in San Diego, CA allow you to enjoy the most benefits from your window coverings. They reduce electric bills, control the temperature in the home, and protect furnishings from sun damage and privacy. Manual window covers require you to adjust every single window covering separately so you lose all the benefits if you do not have the time to do that at the right time every day.

Yes, most window coverings in San Diego, CA will reduce the hollow echo in homes and some window coverings will reduce outside noise.

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